Wednesday, April 14

You look mahvelous
This morning I did one of those crazy things that women do (do men do this? I'd have to guess that they do not) whereupon I put on one outfit, everything is going along smoothly, and at the last minute, I decide that I look like crap and have to change. So then I went through four clothing changes until I arrived at my final outfit... the very first one I put on. At that point it was 8:10; I leave the house on a good day at 8 (which is to say, never). So I rush outside and realize, hey, it snowed last night! Then I have to brush off the icy, slushy crap that has formed on my windows. So by then it's 8:15... but amazingly, I got to work at 8:45. Which is right around when I usually arrive. I think I missed the rush hour stuff or found a pocket where the traffic wasn't as bad. Either way, here I am.

Funny thing is, at least three people have said, "You look cute today!" to me. Always trust your first instinct when it comes to outfits. I guess that's the lesson to be learned.

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