Wednesday, April 7

Something really odd just happened to me. I got up from my desk to go briefly meet with one of our managers in the conference room, and just at that moment, Son of Big Boss walked by. We exchanged hello's and I kept walking. He stopped in his tracks, turned around and said, "What are you doing right now?"

I turned around and I think I said, "Uhhhhhh..."

But before I could even complete the "Uhhhhh..." he said, "Do you want to sit in on a meeting with me?"

I told him I had to go in to a meeting with one of the managers and he was like, "Oh, OK, never mind then."

Son of Big Boss has nothing directly to do with my department, but he is definitely a big voice in the company, and is most certainly the future of the company, so I guess I should be flattered that he wanted me to sit in with him. At the same time, my reaction is more of a "What the f*ck???" What kind of meeting would I be sitting in on? And why? I don't know if I just missed my chance or what, but the whole thing was odd to me.

Oh well.

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