Tuesday, April 6

Sock it to me
When it comes to socks, I am a "no frills" kind of gal. My color selection is plain white, plain black, plain brown, and plain navy. I may even have a tan pair just for good measure. The white socks far outnumber the others and come in several heights. There are the ankle length, the slightly-longer-than ankle length, mid calf length and so on.

My husband has even less variety. He has long white and short white. About 20 pairs of each kind. He may have a rogue pair of black dress socks, but he can probably count on one hand the number of times per year he wears those.

I am one of those freaky people who cannot sleep without socks on. My feet are the coldest part of my body, always. Even in summer. If my feet aren't warm, I am uncomfortable. That's just one of my hangups.

I've heard that professional attire states that you should match the color of your socks to the color of your slacks. I rarely can pull this off. For instance, today, I am wearing grey slacks but black socks and shoes. Sometimes, without thinking, I'll do a Michael Jackson circa 1984 and wear white socks with black pants and black shoes. Then I feel like a goober all day and try to avoid crossing my legs and thus revealing my fashion faux pas.

People who can pull off the patterned sock look, such as the argyle, amaze me. I have no sense for color coordination. And since most of my work attire is some combination of black and grey or black and white, there's no need for me to have patterned socks in my repertoire. They just don't fit. I have, however, seen a certain B.L. attempt to wear heart-patterned socks with black pants and a pink shirt. I have no comment.

Side note: This entry was inspired by a lack of anything else to blog about. In case you didn't notice.

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