Thursday, June 29

OK, now I'm mad
I got a new computer at work this week. Usually, this would be a joyous occasion, but there was nothing wrong with the old one, other than it was old. It worked fine, never wonked out, all the programs worked, and most importantly, I had everything just the way I like it.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm glad I now have the Photoshop CS2 and all that jazz, but now there's this admin b.s. on my computer and I can't download Itunes. Ergo, I can't listen to all of the stuff I've previously downloaded (thank God I saved the folder where all the music was, otherwise, that would have been ghandi). Not only that, but I can't change any settings without the blessing of a techie. Forget about updating flash, quicktime, etc., because it's not happening. Which means, I also can't watch my favorite new vlogger, Ze.

Thankfully I still can surf the net without any repurcussions, otherwise I don't know if I could handle it. A friend of mine had his net surfing kibboshed at work when they erected (*beavis laugh*) a firewall that blocks out all entertainment-related sites. God help me if that happens here. Or rather, God help the techies.

Wednesday, June 21

Making a Stand

A little snippet of Doodle learning how to stand up, from about a month ago
And so it begins
The summer television lineup. I'll miss the start of the HT season today because I'll be miserable at the Indians game tonight. Miserable because a) they suck; b) it's supposed to rain. I tivo'ed it though, so by tomorrow, I should be caught up.

Other shows in the Tivo queue: Treasure Hunters (confusing so far from what I've watched), Hell's Kitchen from Monday, the 24 finale (yeah, I'm THAT behind), and of course, my favorite new show, SuperGroup. If you haven't seen this show already, I highly recommend it for two reasons: 1. Ted Nugent. The Nuge! Although in this show he doesn't fire a gun at anything resembling game, at least not yet. 2. Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach. You gotta love him. He is a parody of himself and doesn't even know it. It's great. It makes me happy.

Monday, June 19

Doodle update: Keep off the grass
The just-turned-11 month old Doodle is full of curiosity. There's nothing on this earth he isn't afraid to put in his mouth. No nook or cranny he isn't afraid to explore.

Except the grass.

I have been taking him outside and sitting out on a beach towel with him in our backyard. I bring all sorts of toys and snacks for him and me both to enjoy. After he gets acclimated to the backyard surroundings, he starts to climb on me and pull himself up to a standing position.

But for all the money in the world he will not set one little tootsie on the grass. That beach towel may as well be the end of the earth as far as he's concerned. He even skeeves when his hand veers off the towel and into the Great Unknown.

This could be a good thing, however. Instant babysitter, know what I'm sayin'? I set him down on the beach towel, go do a load of laundry, go grocery shopping, catch up on whatever crap I've tivoed for the week... and then go check up on him. He'd still be on that damn towel! Especially if there was a bag of Pepperidge Farm goldfish on that towel with him!

Saturday, June 17

It's June 17th, 2006, and you know what that means...

IT'S TIME FOR MY SEMI-ANNUAL "WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE" CRISIS! *spotlights pan the applauding crowd*

This installment of the "what am I doing with my life" crisis includes: to GMAT or not to GMAT. I'm tossing around the idea of going back to school and getting an MBA. I don't think I can get much further in my career without doing something like that. However, this means taking out loans, and we are already living so far beyond our means that our means have a different zip code.

The other thing is, school plus job plus infant = insanity. I barely have free time as it is, so throwing one night or more a week of classes into the mix might just kill me.

Between you, me, and the lamppost, I don't think I am going to be at my job much longer. Things are getting ... weird there.

I'll mull this one over for a little while longer. I'm not going to do anything drastic. Fortunately my husband also goes through this crisis, and in his last go-r0und, he purchased a practice GMAT book. It wouldn't hurt for me to take a look-see at it.

Until next time, this is crisis central, signing off.

Wednesday, June 14

Well, THAT'S embarrassing
Twice, now, in the past TWO days, I've walked around the office with my barn door open. Once yesterday at the end of the day I forgot to zip my pants (what is WRONG with me!) after a trip to the restroom, and today I came to work wearing a khaki skirt that zips and buttons in the front and I did the button, just happened to neglect the zipper. I am wearing a top that pretty much covers the zipper, so I hope no one noticed. At least I didn't have toilet paper on my shoe or anything like that. Or a sign on my back that says "Kick Me" ... I probably should have one of those, though, for being such a jackass.

Monday, June 12

The World Cup: Something for Everyone
Although soccer isn't as wildly popular in the U.S. as it is, basically, everywhere else, I think there are several reasons I will enjoy watching the World Cup during these next sixteen weeks. Or three weeks. Whatever it is.

First of all, as someone who is semi-interested in sports, I admire the intense athleticism it takes to run for 45 minutes straight with no commercial breaks. By the way, insomniacs? I've found your cure.

It is also amusing to see the crowds who are so into the games. My husband and I took up the cheer "go Sveeden!" (In our best -- or worst -- Swedish accent, of course) Which was a throwback joke to when we were watching the Swedes in the curling event during the Olympics. Did you SEE the women's curling team from Sweden? Yikes!

And lastly, I made the discovery (what took me so long?) that soccer players = EYE CANDY. Iran v. Mexico, I'm looking at you.
Same as it ever was
The Talking Heads' song "Once in a Lifetime" came on the radio this morning as I was driving to work, causing me to swerve in traffic. That's because, whenever I hear this song, I instinctually, reflexively, mimic the David Byrne hand motion that he does in the video for this song, which is to take your hand and make chopping motions over your other arm as if you are cutting it into slices. Thus needing to take both hands off the wheel.

Friday, June 9

I may have to kick a baby's ass
Doodle was bitten by another baby in day care this week. On the finger. It left a tiny bite mark but didn't break the skin or anything like that. My husband had to fill out an "incident report" when he picked Doodle up that day.

The day care lady said she had never seen Doodle cry so hard.They are not allowed to divulge which baby was the perpetrator, which is probably a good thing. If I knew which baby bit my little angel, I'd probably hold a serious grudge.

Monday, June 5

Bad carrot
My next question is... what is the statute of limitations on a bag of baby carrots?

I am eating some from a bag that's been in my fridge for a good three weeks, if not a month. They're not moldy, and they're not slimy, and they seem to taste fine, but I get skeeved just thinking about expired produce. If there's so much as one rotten spinach leaf in a bag of fresh spinach, the whole thing makes me want to hurl.

I guess my answer is, if I don't die this afternoon, the carrots are ok.
Bad mom
Is it wrong to watch, in its entirety, "Chris Rock: Bigger and Blacker" while your 10-month old son is in the room?

If yes, then ... *scoff* Who would DO that? What a bad parent!

If no, then ... I totally did, Saturday morning (what was it doing on Saturday morning anyway!). I still think it's funny, even though I know all the jokes even before he says them.

Thursday, June 1

First word
I don't know if "uh-oh" qualifies as a word, but it's Doodle's first. He said it multiple times yesterday and would say it repeating after me. I don't know if he understands the concept of "uh-oh," but he may have picked it up somewhere. We try not to play the uh-oh game at home, which is where a baby drops something and an adult overexaggeratedly squeals "UH OH!!!!" to the baby. However, it happens at grandma's house a LOT. And I know the kids at day care know what it means. So there you have it. Not "mama", not "dada," but "uh-oh." I hope this doesn't have some deep-seeded meaning.