Tuesday, September 30

Introduction to Domino

My cat, Dom, is meowing at the wall. It's a forlorn-sounding meow, and I know the reason why. He's staring at a bug that's too high for him to nab. We (that being my husband and I) just brought all our house plants in from outside. They had been out all summer, but there is a threat of frost tonight, so, in they come. Inside the pots of those plants were bugs. Not too many, it's not an infestation or anything. I saw a ladybug and some smaller black thing. Anyway, Dom is going nuts because he is a master bug catcher, and these little guys are just out of his reach. It should keep him occupied all night though.

My better half is making spaghetti for dinner. I'm contemplating what to watch on T.V. tonight... not much happening in T.V. land. I'm sure I'll find something. I always do.

Good news: the Yankees lost their first playoff game! Much rejoicing all around.
Let Them Eat Cake

Cake has been eaten.
I do feeleth like crappeth.
Why is it, that whenever I decide that I am going to eat less and lose weight, it's someone's birthday at work and there's a festival of food debauchery?
The Sketch Factor - Qu'est que c'est?

(fa fa fa fa fa, fa fa fa fa fa.)
What is the Sketch Factor, you ask?
I attribute the term to an old friend, Tim-Dogg.
We used to call certain people, places, things, events, what have you -- sketchy. Still do. Such as, "this sketchy dude with a mullet just hit on me."

So Tim-Dogg came up with a scale of sketchiness, your basic 1-10, known as The Sketch Factor. "Her spandex pants rank an 8 on the sketch factor."

Get it? Got it? Good.