Thursday, April 29

I pulled an IBL
We've had a bit of a stressful morning here at the office. We found out that one of our coworkers has to go on at least two weeks of bed rest due to high blood pressure, which is affecting her pregnancy. She may even have to go on bedrest for the rest of her pregnancy (end of July is her due date).

So anyway, after all of her jobs were divvied up, I was talking with a coworker about how pleasant it's been to work here in the past few weeks and how the excitement never stops, and then I walked back to my desk and, out loud, sang a little "La La."

That's when I realized, I had become Incompetent But Likeable. That's his M.O. He constantly walks around going "Bum bum bum bum," and "Ba ba ba ba ba" and "Dum de dum de dum."

So I was smiling to myself about it when speak of the devil, IBL comes rambling out of his cube and asks me what I'm smiling about. "Oh, nothing," I say. I can't exactly share it with him.

Yeah. So everything's peachy here, I'm turning into IBL, my eye is twitching, and the best part? My boss doesn't know yet about the coworker. In T minus 45 minutes he'll be back in the office, and I guarantee, he will flip his motherlovin' lid. Stay tuned folks!

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