Friday, July 28

Responsible parenting
I got a call from day care this afternoon. Which usually means that I am leaving work several minutes later to come pick up a feverish, or vomiting, Doodle.

However, today they were just calling me to report an "incident" that had occurred while Doodle was sitting at the infant table. Apparently he grabbed a bottle that was on the table that wasn't his and started to drink it. The bottle contained breast milk.

I'm not sure if I was supposed to be alarmed or upset at this news, but I was neither/nor. I just said, "Ok, thanks for letting me know," and that was that.

Call me crazy, but breast milk is probably the most healthy thing he put in his mouth today.

I think it's because I've seen Doodle eat a clump of cat hair/dust bunny material, and nothing bad happened to him then. OK, he really didn't eat it as much as it was hanging from his bottom lip for what probably qualifies as "more time than a good parent would allow."

Wednesday, July 26

Fun and games at the company event
Last night was my company's "Family Night" at the Indians game. Before the game there was a big tailgate party in a parking lot near the Jake.

All was going well until this guy showed up:
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Never trust a gorilla in an assless hula skirt, I always say.

Friday, July 21

To err is human...
An e-mail arrived this morning fresh from my boss' brain with our "thought for the day." This isn't something he does every day, just today, actually.

It said something like this. "In order to maintain our high standard of quality, please always error [emphasis mine] on the side of caution and send all materials to our proofreader before we go to print."

Sensing an opportunity to be a smartass and delighting in the irony that he committed a grammatical gaffe in an e-mail pertaining to catching just such things, I replied to his e-mail with, "Actually, it's 'err' on the side of caution, but, point taken."

Then he replied with some other smartass remark. I'm glad I have a boss with a sense of humor.

Two revelations that will make me sleep easier at night
I don't know if you have heard this or not, but Oprah? NOT gay. That's right, she's not gay! That ends the age-long speculation that... oh wait, NO ONE THOUGHT she was gay in the first place! However, why the sudden mention of the non-gayness? It's almost like it's damage control. Like the adage says, "she who smelt it, dealt it."

And thankfully, Suri Cruise has been spotted. By a fellow scientologist, Leah Remini. OK. That clears that up. Phew. I'm compiling a list of potential future daughters-in-law, and I wanted to make sure Suri was still in the dating pool. I don't care how crazy her parents are. I want to retire a wealthy woman.

Tuesday, July 18

Beautiful Birthday Boy

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Close your eyes
Have no fear,
The monsters gone,
He's on the run,

And your [mommy's] here,

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Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy.

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Before you go to sleep,
Say a little prayer,
Every day in every way,
It's getting better and better,

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Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy.

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Out on the ocean sailing away,
I can hardly wait,
To see you to come of age,
But I guess we'll both
Just have to be patient,
Yes it's a long way to go,
But in the meantime,

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Before you cross the street,
Take my hand,
Life is what happens to you
While you're busy making other plans,

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Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy.

-John Lennon "Beautiful Boy"

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Monday, July 17

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More to come tomorrow.

Thursday, July 13

So, tell me if you think this is weird...
Doodle's birthday party is this Saturday. It's a family affair. I don't exactly know how many people are coming, but that's another post.

So a couple weekends ago, we're over at the in-laws' house. My hubby's younger brother has this new girlfriend. New within the past year. He was visiting her while we were there. So while we're there, he calls and asks if HER PARENTS can come to Doodle's birthday.

My first reaction was, why would they WANT to? Am I to be hosting a "meet the parents" gig at my house?

My second reaction was, sure, if they bring a present.

Tuesday, July 11

This morning, the turnpike lady, who I don't even see all that often, noticed that I changed my hair color. What does this say about me? I'm not sure. I just feel kinda weird about it.

Thursday, July 6

Thought for the day
Just because you can make a movie like "Little Man," doesn't mean that you should.

Monday, July 3

It's official
Summer cannot officially begin until I hear DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince "Summertime." And now I have, and so it can.

Other summer songs:
Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams
Summertime Rolls - Janes Addiction
Summer Breeze - Seals and Crofts
Summer Nights - Travolta/Newton-John

Hmm. *makes mix on Rhapsody*
Just another Monday
By a show of hands, who else is in the office today?


That's pretty much what I thought.

A day at the beach

OK, not really. Doodle got his 1-year old pics taken this weekend. Check out the rest of the pics here.