Monday, April 5

TSF is in a bad mood today
I had forgotten how much Daylight Savings Time SUCKS. Sure, when I leave the building at night, the sun is still out, and I enjoy that, and I like it in summertime when it's light until at least 9, but right now? Hate. It.

I'm at work and it's not even 8:00 yet. Usually I'm just leaving the house. Getting out of bed was horrible, so I gave myself a few extra minutes of sleep. And I can never go to bed at the right time, either.

Plus it's cold! Brr! I am tired of layering, I'm tired of wearing gloves, of having to constantly be under a ton of blankets, even if I'm just watching TV on the couch. It's April, let's be done with the snow.

And I'm so burned out on work right now. I think I'm about to have my semi-annual wanderlust/inklings to go to graduate school. I can feel it brewing.

I need some entertainment today. Like maybe if a chimp could come to my office and dance down the aisles. Or a juggler. Or if Incompetent but Likeable painted himself like a mime and tried to find his way out of a box. I'm just sayin'.

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