Tuesday, April 6

I don' geddit
Mid-afternoon, in our otherwise quiet office (quiet except for the incessant "soft rock", currently playing: "Every Time You Go Away" You take a piece of me with you... ew! It's a love song to Hannibal Lecter!) two maintainence guys showed up and just randomly started changing the overhead flourescent bulbs in my boss' office and in between our cubies. And were talking loudly and clanging around their ladders and boxes of bulbs.

I'm sorry, maybe I don't understand that maintainence people are also nine-to-fivers, but was it really necessary for them to make such a ruckus? And the lightbulbs they were changing weren't even burned out. Some of them were but they also changed some that looked perfectly fine to me.

Obviously I'm not a professional light bulb changer but the whole thing was very odd. And it's kind of disconcerting to try and work when someone is hovering over you on a ladder, y'know?

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