Friday, May 23

No, bigger than Jesus
I'm driving Doodle to day care this morning and from the back seat, the request comes: "I want Beatles."

Doodle frequently requests the Beatles, but more specifically the "Let it Be" album. In Doodle's mind, there are two kinds of music. The Beatles, and everything else. And everything else is completely unacceptable.

Sometimes, if I want to listen to something else (read: always), I try to ignore him. But as most of you know, trying to ignore the demands of a three-year-old is futile.

"I want Beatles!" he repeated.

OK. This is a battle not to be won by me. So I look (while of course paying attention to the traffic around me) up in the visor above my head where I store my cds.

"I want Beatles!" echoed Doodle from the backseat.

"I'm working on it," I responded.

I locate the cd. "I want Beatles!" says Doodle. There's another cd in my stereo. I have to eject that cd -- "I want Beatles!" -- and put the other one in. While I'm fumbling around with the cd's, I get another "I want Beatles!"

"OK, I HEARD YOU!" I say, through clenched teeth.

"Jee-zus!!!!" comes the response from the back seat.

Do you know how hard it is not to laugh at times like this? Especially because I know that he most likely got that from me.

Wednesday, May 14

Big Crazy
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... Big Crazy.

Actually, his name (I think) is Gordon. All these trains look alike to me.

However, Doodle refers to him, without any explanation given, as "Big Crazy." Other trains on the Thomas the Tank Engine series also have this moniker, and for the life of me, I cannot distinguish a pattern. For instance, it is not the trains with only the square faces, or the round faces. It is not all the blue trains.

Here is Edward, who is NOT Big Crazy:

But here is Chick Hicks, a character from the movie "Cars," who at times is and at other times is not Big Crazy:

I wish I could crack the code!

One thing is for sure ... Doodle loves his vehicles. George and the Man With the Yellow Hat are all but a memory now.

Monday, May 5

A quickie

*takes a breath*

I've been mired in work, my dangerous facebook addiction and ... work. So my blogging has suffered quite a bit. In fact the only reason I'm here now is because facebook is down. I'd like to jump out the window because facebook is down.

I'll be back soon with pictures, and a tale of something known only as "Big Crazy."