Wednesday, April 14

I can also bend spoons with my mind
I astonished Incompetent but Likeable today. It really doesn't take much, but still.
He was over talking to me about how we should make a series of bobblehead dolls of some of our most reviled (is that a word or did I just make it up?) clients, when I said, "Hey, you're phone's ringing!"

It was true, but it was also a great diversion tactic.

He sprinted away to answer his phone, which is about 4 cubes down. Seriously. The man broke into a run.

After he finished the call, he came back, mouth agape. "How did you know my phone was ringing?" he asked me.

So I showed him where, on my phone, I had programmed his extension, my boss' extension and the extension of a person that I go talk to a lot, but who is also on the phone a lot.

"My phone doesn't have that," he said.
"That's because I programmed these numbers in." I refrained from offering to show him because that would take all afternoon.

Now he thinks I'm a genius. I can e-mail JPGS to people AND I have the all-knowing ability of keeping tabs on other people's phones.

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