Monday, October 20

My technique needs improvement
Can someone please tell me how a parent, particularly a parent who spent much of her college career memorizing and reciting key quotes from Beavis and Butt-Head episodes, is expected to keep a straight face when bathing her child, and her child passes gas in the tub, looks down at himself in horror, and says, "Mommy, my butt cheeks just made a noise?"

Friday, October 17

Tell Me At Which Point I Should Worry

Doodle's been talking a whole lot of nonsense lately:

1. A few nights ago, he made this declaration: "Mommy, you're a lemon."
Lemon? Like, I'm a bad car whose warranty ran out sometime during the Clinton era? "And what are you?" I asked him. "I'm a bump."

2. This morning, Doodle informed me that Gabby, a girl in his class, doesn't like him. When asked why not, he said, because he's Batman, and he chases her and shoots at her and makes her scream. Why, because she's Catwoman? Does Batman make a regular habit of chasing innocent civilians?

Who knows why he says what he says ...

Thursday, October 9

Just wondering
Does anyone else have blackouts where they go on and order stuff, and then you can't remember if you actually ordered it or if you stopped yourself before it's too late? Or is that just what happens to me? I know that yesterday I went on amazon twice, and I don't recall the results of my visit. And I'm too lazy to log into my obscure hotmail account to find out. I guess I'll be pleasantly surprised when my stuff comes in the mail.

Tuesday, October 7

Go Blue
I know I'll get some guff for this photo, being an Ohioan and all, and for submitting my child, who doesn't know any better, to wearing the much maligned maize and blue, but ... HOW CUTE IS THIS???

Monday, October 6

Seasons change
I am on hold with FedEx right now and they are playing Christmas music. Jeepers!
Today also marks the first day I have had to break out the nylons, or hose if you prefer, since spring.
I am not pleased with either of these developments.