Sunday, April 30

April Month in Pictures
Here are some recent pics taken this past month...

Doodle in his walker
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Doodle in overalls
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Doodle on floor near the STEERING WHEEL OF EVIL
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Look at those blue eyes...
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Oh yeah, we're here too... getting ready to go to the black tie event for my work
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It's a hard life being The Dom
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We love to ring the windchime
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Doodle showing off his new sitting up by himself skillz
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Spring finally arrives in NE Ohio
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Thursday, April 27

Careless whisper
I don't care how much of a drugged up, parked-car hittin' loser George Michael is today... I still think Wham!'s "Make it Big" album is the bomb diggity. And if loving Wham! is wrong, I don't want to be right.
My faith in humanity is restored... for today at least
Dear American Idol fans who didn't "Pick Pickler" this week...


From the bottom of my heart.

Monday, April 24

A word of warning to drivers on Rt. 8 northbound
Within the past week I have done my nails TWICE on the way to work. Yes, I have become that person. The one you see in your rearview mirror and think to yourself, "Is that chick doing her NAILS?" And then you speed up so you are nowhere near my car when it veers into a concrete abutment.

I have no excuse, other than nine months straight of sleep deprivation. It's finally gotten to me. Now I'm Crazy Doing the Nails on the Road Lady.

Tuesday, April 18

Fed Up
At the end of a long day, I amused myself by watching parodies of K-Fed's PapoZao clip. Here are my favorites:

Pina Colada K-Fed

Peanut Butter Feder Time
P.S. I just got my first creepy MySpace message.
Oh, we are SCREWED
I have done my best to make sure that the likes of Barney, the Teletubbies, and their ilk do not infiltrate my little boy's brain. However, yesterday, we had Sesame Street on, and Doodle wasn't paying attention. Rather, he was in the process of doing his favorite thing of late, which is a) grab one thing. b) grab another thing. c) bang thing 1 and thing 2 together.

Then it happened.

Elmo came on the screen.

And Doodle must have heard the subliminal voodoo message in Elmo's words because he stopped clanging thing 1 and thing 2 together and looked up at the tv. Upon seeing Elmo's furry red loveable M.F.-ing face, he smiled and giggled. Then he stared, mesmerized, at the television for the entire duration of the Elmo segment.

I do believe we are in for it.

Monday, April 17

Ah, spring
Spring. The time of the year for tulips and daffodils, Easter eggs, sinus infections and hairballs. Yes, hairballs. On Friday night, BOTH my cats contributed to the hairball population. Molly was first which spawned my usual "NOT ON THE CARPET! NOT ON THE CARPET!" which of course was ignored. Dom was kind enough to do it on the easy-to-clean Pergo in the kitchen. Saturday Molly followed up with another one, on the carpet no less. Dom did some hacking but nothing came out. Then Sunday Molly trumped herself by making a deposit on the top step of the upstairs while I was upstairs with the baby. Getting downstairs with the baby and avoiding the pile was a feat.

The thing I've never understood about hairballs is, they're not really ball-like at all. They're more like, I dunno, hair sausages. Right?

Thursday, April 13

Who's there?
There's this lady who works here who has this habit of, upon entering someone's cube, SAYING the words "knock knock!"

Even if she is already in your cube and she is looking you in the eye. She will still say it. She doesn't even actually knock on the cube wall. So. Irritating.

Wednesday, April 12

A post just to say here I am, my baby has the shits
I have been rather preoccupied over the past three days with a massively pooping baby. He has rotavirus which he without a doubt picked up from daycare. However, God forbid he be let back in to daycare without a doctor's note. So two personal days later, here I am back at the office. My husband is taking his turn today, my mother-in-law has tomorrow, and then my mom and I are tag teaming on Friday so I at least have some time in the office this week.

Other than being a poop machine, Doodle seems to be in great spirits. Yesterday we played all day and went for a long walk around the 'hood. Actually it was a beautiful day in N.E. Ohio, with temperatures pushing 70 degrees. You can't ask for better than that in April.

I missed Idol last night but DVR'ed it. I will probably watch it this evening. Although with Queen songs on the menu, I'm skeptical at best about how it will go. However, Pickler needs to take her ballsies and calamawri and sall-mon and go back to the trailer park she came from.

Another show that I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I am now hooked on is Blow Out. After seeing the guy on The Soup lambast Jonathan Antin every week I had to tune in and see what a toolio he really is. Although, there's something strangely likeable about him, as in that goofy friend everyone has who has no idea that they're stupid.

I went to a fancy party on Saturday night, maybe if I have time I'll upload a pic of my husband and I in our finest toggery.

Monday, April 3

Last weekend, I attended my cousin's wedding shower. It was mostly comprised of her fiance's family, and so I pretty much knew no one in the room. My grandma was there and so by default, as my cousin was obviously tied up, and my aunt had to be front and center as the mother of the bride, it became my duty to keep my grandmother out of trouble.

Easier said than done. She's known for her malapropisms, and now that her memory seems to be going, she constantly is asking the same questions over and over again. It's trying, to say the least, to spend any large amount of time with her. I love her, don't get me wrong, but I'm exhausted after her visits.

She was particularly bad at the shower. Not only did she constantly interrupt my cousin while she was opening her gifts with, "Who's that from? Is that one from me? What is it?" But she kept asking me if I knew where my aunt was, where my cousin was, why wasn't my cousin's friend Kelly there, etc.

But the topper was, during the gift opening, when she leaned over to me and asked, "Do you want to know a secret?" Keep in mind that my cousin is oh, maybe five feet away from us. I lean in closer to her. "When your aunt had your cousin, she wanted to give her up for adoption," she told me in a not-so-whisper. "I've never gotten over it and if your aunt knew that I remembered that she would die."

Oy. Vey.

I just hope to God that my cousin didn't hear her. I don't think she did, because there was a low chatter in the room. What on earth possessed my grandmother to reveal that family secret to me at that particular point in history, I'll never know. It's a horrible nugget of information, one that I would never repeat (except on my blog, but other than that). Let's hope that on my cousin's wedding day there are no more revelations like this.