Thursday, April 22

The Saga of the Tiburon, or, Please Stop Parking Like a Jackass


The latest drama surrounding the workplace revolves around our parking lot. We are fortunate enough to work in an area where parking is free. We have a nice big lot, but lately, it's been filling up. If you are late (as I am EVERY DAY), you end up parking so far away, you could hop on the bus and get a ride to the front of the building.

Within the past week, this Hyundai Tiburon (which is Japanese for "really crappy sports car") has been parking diagonally across two spots. It's obnoxious. So yesterday a couple of people parked diagonally next to it, thinking that maybe that would get the point across. And last night my coworkers held a "stake out" to see who the driver was. I don't think they recognized the person.

This morning, there it was again, taking up two spots, not even close to being parked straight.

So one of my coworkers parked behind it. Just pulled right up and parallel parked behind that car. So I'm thinking around lunch time, this is going to blow up. Or when the police tow her car away. Either way, it's not going to be pretty.

I'm thinking a much more effective way to deal with the problem would be to leave a note under the windshield wiper that says something like, "Hey moron, stop parking like a jackass, mmmkay? Signed, Everyone else who parks here."

Update: My coworker called the building maintainence office just to make them aware of the situation. She also called the police to make sure it was OK that she was parked like that. They suggested that she move. When she got down there, there was a crowd outside smoking, all talking about it.

The Tiburon owner's boss was among them, and she apologized to my co-worker. She said she had already discussed the parking situation with her employee and that the car would be moved. Apparently she didn't want "dinged." There are Lexus and Mercedes and BMW's in this parking lot, and you don't see them parking like idiots.

So that's the long and short of it.

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