Saturday, April 3

Hard to make a (keg) stand
How many men have dreamed of owning a refrigerator stocked solely with beer?

A lot, apparently.

An unscientific poll of a group of my coworkers, all between the ages of 24-32, all with boyfriends, husbands or fiances, agreed that their guy has entertained thoughts of the beer fridge. Or more specifically, the keg fridge.

I took my poll because last night, my husband brought home a full-sized refrigerator which he intends to use as a "keg fridge" or "kegerator" as some people call it. I am baffled by this, perhaps because I am not a huge beer drinker. It doesn't agree with me. But my husband is a beer connisseur. He completed a "World Tour of Beers" at a local restaurant and has the jacket to prove it. Beer is important to him. He likes to try different types of beer, but falls back on a few of his favorites: Guinness, Great Lakes (a local brewery) and the occasional Miller Lite. I've even seen him drink the Beast.

With the new Kegerator in place he plans to have a keg at his disposal, and would even like to craft some kind of contraption that would allow for a tap to be on the outside of the door, making it the ultimate drinking machine.

I tried to put the kibbosh on it, just because I thought it might be something that will be cool the first time, but then the novelty will wear off. But in the end I decided not to push the issue. He got it for free, it's on our basement, not really inconveniencing me in any way.

So if anyone would like to come join the keg party, it will be going on 24/7 from now on.

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