Monday, April 19

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What a beautiful weekend! It was so nice to be outside -- I wore shorts for the first time in, like, forever. We have some tulips that are about to bloom, and our flowering pear tree is starting to get some pretty blooms on it.

The true highlight of my weekend, though, I'm sorry to say, was watching the new Chris Rock special on HBO. He kills me. We tried to watch his movie "Head of State" that was on before the special, but it was so bad that we turned it off in favor of Chappelle's show. It was funny, too, how many jokes Chris Rock made that Chappelle had already touched upon in his show. Chris Rock even referenced Lil Jon, which is a Chappelle standard.

This is a four-day week for me, as Friday is my wedding anniversary and I'm taking the day off. O and I are heading north to the mitten state. Look out Green Tuna!

In addition to getting tickets to his concert, where they are opening. I just found out that he is coming to town next month. Score. I saw him last fall, when she opened. That was a good show.

Ooh! He is playing deep in the heart of TunaLand on Saturday night! I called my husband to see if he was down with driving there to see him. He said we can "discuss it later."

I enjoy male singer/songwriters. In case you couldn't tell.

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