Monday, April 12

On the bright side...
It's Opening Day here in Cleveland. I don't know if that's a bright side, but it's worth mentioning, as it is our city-wide holiday. I'm excited to have baseball again. Tonight also is the Cavs last home game, and as they have eliminated themselves from the playoffs in an astonishing show of suckitude in the past few weeks, it's just as well that they are done. Now we get to gear up for some craptacular displays of bad pitching from our bullpen, the inevitable injuries that will plague our starting lineup, and game after game of ass whuppin' from the opposing team, usually in the late innings after we actually looked like we might have a shot to win. We can't even say for certain that we will suck less than Detroit sucks this year.

I am also happy to report that over the weekend, I caught a Beavis and Butt-head marathon on MTV2, which is one of my all-time favorite shows, and taped a few episodes. It brought back some great memories of sitting in dorm rooms, cracking up at the stupid humor, and then repeating the catch phrases ad nauseum (as Mr. T can certainly attest to).

And, as I suspected, I was not able to leave Borders on Saturday without buying some new reading material. I found an interesting book of philosophical essays on "The Sopranos." For instance, why do we find Tony, a criminal, to be a sympathetic character? As soon as I finish "The DaVinci Code" I am going to read it. By the way, last night's Sopranos was disappointing, I thought.

One major bummer: I didn't get my marshmallow egg. My mom gave us an Easter basket that contained, among other things, a package of pink Peeps. Blech. And two packages of treats for her "grandchildren" -- some chicken flavored Whiskas.

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