Thursday, April 22

Truly disappointing
Man, I had me a hankerin' for some Doritos today. My lunch was less than satisfying. Recently I've been having a hard time eating bread. I'm not watching carbs or anything, but occasionally I'll bite into a sandwich and hardly be able to choke down the first bite of bread. Today I just took the meat out of my sandwich and ate that. Which was not exactly filling.

So I ventured down to the vending machine. I've had various run-ins with this machine, including last week when it mercilessly ate $1.25 in change as I attempted to purchase something that was right above something that somebody else tried to purchase prior to me, which had not completely fallen out of its slot. The item I attempted to purchase (I believe it was "Cheetos") then fell on top of aforementioned other item, and neither came out. So then I attempted to purchase the "other" item, which I think was some kind of potato chip, and that didn't budge.

But I digress. This time the machine was a vast wasteland. The only thing in the entire machine was some kind of bear claw hideous thing. Not a chip, Frito, Cheeto, Dorito or Muncho to be found. Not even a Funyun. No Famous Amos cookies.


Now I'm going to have to eat stale pretzels out of my barrel.

And, the eye twitch is back!

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