Monday, April 19

25 things
Inspired by Grace (as I always am), I have decided to take on the challenge of writing 25 things about myself that maybe no one knows.

Here goes nothing:

1. Named after my two aunts. My first name, Kathleen, for my mom's sister. My middle name, Andrea, for my dad's sister.
2. I like cooked onions but hate raw onions.
3. Similarly, I like cooked tomatoes but I hate raw tomatoes.
4. Adding to my freakishness, I like raw carrots but hate cooked carrots.
5. The first record I bought (meaning the first record my mom bought for me) was "You Are" by Lionel Richie.
6. The first concert I attended was the Monkees reunion concert with my parents.
7. I have also been to a New Kids on the Block concert. On purpose.
8. I am an only child. But I always wanted an older brother.
9. I dropped out of law school after only one semester.
10. I was set to attend the University of Michigan but changed my mind at the last minute and thus ended up at OU. Best decision I ever made.
11. I think it's really, really funny when people fall down. Especially if I know them.
12 I have a small scar in the middle of my forehead from first grade, when playing a game of tag, I ran straight into a brick wall. I wasn't the brightest child.
13. I smoked cigarettes from age 16 to age 23.
14. I only got into baseball because I thought Omar Vizquel was hot.
15. I love dill pickles.
16. I have never been able to successfully blow a bubble with bubble gum.
17. I wear contacts and without them I couldn't even see the computer screen in front of me.
18. I have permanent ringing in one ear from several incidents of standing too close to an amp when it got cranked too high.
19. Family pets when I was growing up: Muffy the beagle, Snuggles the pointer and several goldfish, guppies and other miscellaneous short-lived tropical fish.
20. Which would make my porn star name Muffy Carroll. (First pet's name, first street name)
21. I have been in two bands, sort of: my husband's band a long, long time ago for about two weeks, and in high school, a backup singer for a band called Free Beer. We never got beyond my friend's basement.
22. I have perfect pitch. This has been useful in bar bets, and impressing guys.
23. My first kiss occurred during a movie theatre viewing of Stephen King's "Pet Sematary" when I was in seventh grade.
24. My first celebrity crush was Donnie Osmond (so I'm told) and as a baby, the only thing that could calm me was the song "I can't smile without you" by Barry Manilow.
25. The most famous person I've met would have to be Barry Williams, a.k.a. Greg Brady, and I've met him twice. He was my first celebrity crush that I remember.

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