Wednesday, April 28

I've been googled
Thanks to Grace, I found my entertainment for the day: Googlism.

I did "Kathy" but that list was too long to share. Then I did "Kat" and here are the fun answers it gave me. Note the German ones, which are the best. I have outlined my favorites in blue. Too bad I have no clue what they say. Anyone know their Deutsch?

kat is onzindelijk met ontlasting
kat is opgehaald?
kat is not happy
kat is de tijger
kat is
kat is where its at
kat is a brat
kat is weggelopen
kat is furious
kat is daydreaming' by murray perry
kat is my religion
kat is drowning cowboys
kat is you around??? iz left ya a masage at da talk bawd
kat is walking towards me
kat is blah blah blah
kat is weird
kat is erg schrikachtig
kat is te dik
kat is de
kat is back
kat is alweer zwaarder
kat is drawing cowboys
kat is back posted on saturday
kat is you around??? iz left ya a masage at da talk bawd ok???? mg
kat is the only musician taking authentic classical music scores
kat is the only genius since beethoven to systematically resurrect classical music and bring it to the moron masses and
kat is ancient
kat is currently looking at
kat is moving on in her life
kat is a richly yellow wine quite distinguished by its unmistakable muscat aroma
kat is still around
kat is looking for work
kat is what's for dinner tonight posts
kat is telling her
kat is very unstable after telling zoe she is her mother
kat is ready to work
kat is obsessed with taking tests
kat is very shy and talks very little
kat is a juilliard music school graduate on the violin and i studied theory
kat is one feisty
kat is for ornament
kat is much funnier with her running commentary
kat is directed by ann rappoport
kat is to operate a comprehensive transportation system with a professional work force that provides efficient
kat is a neighborhood shuttle service operating during the evenings and sunday when the night rider/sunday rider service runs
kat is het ideale gezelschapsdier
kat is really her mum
kat is hit in the leg while bringing food
kat is now on a path to take classical music into the 21st century with metal through the use of midi instruments
kat is the reincarnation of beethoven and is changing the face of classical music by bringing it to the masses using metal
kat is my open honest sweet secret soul girlboy woman
kat is like me first marriage
kat is a surefire winner
kat is kids and technology
kat is here
kat is god
kat is always worth listening to
kat is being written in the object
kat is hard to measure
kat is more your type
kat is niet ouder dan 10 jaar
kat is een idealist
kat is being introduced to her new classmates
kat is meer gehecht aan het huis dan aan z'n baasje"
kat is besmettelijk voor andere katten en mag daarom niet naar buiten
kat is a juilliard graduate violin virtuoso
kat is the brown
kat is a very smart kat
kat is ready to strike terror into the eyes and ears of all
kat is veel duidelijker te zien hoe het dier is uitgegroeid en hoe het karakter van de kat is
kat is 150 gram by weight and she is yelling much louder than i
kat is the world's fastest cyberspeed guitarist
kat is from the real world's fourth season
kat is vooral bij de eerste generatie
kat is a sophisticated yet comfortable lounge offering elegant dining
kat is giving heavy metal a new face

kat is minimaal 14 jaar
kat is onzindelijk
kat is the bestselling author of twenty
kat is doing with her symphonic speed music then go listen to the genius masterpieces first
kat is a juilliard school of music graduate violin virtuoso
kat is probably the most inventive
kat is in lock mode this is in quad cell units
kat is wounded near the end

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