Wednesday, April 21

Deader than dead
It has been so quiet and boring here today. Which I guess is good. But man, has the day been dragging! I've been working on the same thing all day, and toggling between that project and the Internet. A couple of times today I've clicked on Internet Explorer, had the home page come up, realize that I just did this exact same thing less than a minute ago, and click off of it. Bad.

My boss was here for a grand total of maybe an hour today. I can't begrudge him that. The man just became a grandfather yesterday for the first time. To a nine-pound baby boy. NINE POUNDS. His daughter in law is tiny. I don't know how it was physically possible for her to deliver that bowling ball of a child, but I cringe to think of it. Hearing these stories make me want to maybe NEVER have children. Or adopt. The birthing process, it is skeery.

Tonight we have to do all the preparations for our trip. We're renting a car, so we have to square that away. We have to make hotel reservations. We have to empty out our change jar for gambling money.

Only one more day of work after this! Holla.

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