Thursday, April 15

Tv overload
Tonight is the motherload of reality television viewing. You've got the Mark Burnett 3-hour extravaganza, consisting of one hour of Survivor followed by the two-hour Apprentice finale (reworded to not confuse GT and get her hopes up). Throw in the American Idol waste of a half hour results show and you've got yourself a heapin' helpin' of reality.

Predictions (aka Kat's kiss of death/guarantee of being wrong):
Not booted:

In fact, I'm so sure I'm wrong, I think the entire FistyRocks Fantasy team should ADD Kathy to their team right now! Come on!

Tribe: =FistyRocks
Rank Team Name Score
1 buffs4vol 2138
2 VivaLaFisty 2115
3 Honeylife 2040
4 GreenTuna 1916
5 copssister 1900
6 Amazingrace 1851
7 The Sketch Factor 1844
8 Snappie 1773

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