Wednesday, April 21

Annoyingest of the Annoying
Please, someone, explain me this:
Other Side of the Cubicle Mate Who Does Not Have a Nickname is usually pretty personable, but she is always. on. the phone. Worse than Bad Lady, I dare say. Her calls are mostly business, but it's constant noise.

Here's what I need an explanation for. When she is punching in the numbers to make the call, she puts the phone on speaker. So then I get to hear the boop-boop-boop-boop-boop-boop-boop of the dialing, THEN the ringing, THEN the on-hold music... why can't she just pick up her phone? She's not moving around, she's just sitting at her desk. How hard is it to pick up the headset?

Grr. I am sandwiched between a rock and a hard place in cubie-land.

Other cubie-land goings on: Incompetent but Likeable has blown a gasket. Apparently he had some actual work to do, on a deadline, and this sent him over the edge. On Monday, one of our managers was loose in the department, and passed IBL in the aisle between the cubes, and said, "Hello [IBL], how are you?" And IBL responded, "Oh, just fucking wonderful." And kept walking along his merry little way. I have only heard him swear one other time and it was the word "damn."

So we're on high alert for a postal moment. If I don't post for several hours, send a search party.

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