Tuesday, August 30

Week six photos
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It's hard to believe that six weeks have gone by since my son was born. He is changing every day. He is able to focus more, he recognizes his father and I and he smiles (and melts my heart each time) at us. He makes all kinds of noises, from a piggish grunt to a high pitched squeal. He's not crying as much as he was a few weeks ago, or if he does, it's for a good reason, usually. Now if we could just nail down the whole sleeping thing, we'd be good to go. I am reading such books as the Baby Whisperer and BabyWise and all sorts of other baby-related literature, but I did also manage to finish the latest installment of Harry Potter over the weekend.

A little less than two weeks and it's back to work. How am I going to leave this cutie at day care?

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Friday, August 26

The trip to the office went well. Daniel slept pretty much the entire time, but woke up to eat, and then spit up while Bad Lady was holding him (ha!)

I was glad to see my co-workers, most of them anyway.

But the highlight of the afternoon was when my boss called me a cow.

The context: someone was holding my son, and I had gone to the bathroom and come back, and so he turned to look at me. My boss, who was standing behind me, said, "There's the cow!"

Mind you, he said this in front of his all-female staff plus a couple of women from other departments, so I have a full room of witnesses. I whipped around to glare at him and said, "WHAT did you call me?"

"What! I meant, you know, the milk."

"Remember in Pittsburgh when I told you I hated you?" I said a couple of minutes later. "This is kind of like that."

I swear, he is lucky that I have a sense of humor. Because another person might not have let that one slide. However, I am not going to let him forget it, EVER. He called me a freaking cow.

Tuesday, August 23

Discount this
Honestly. I was under the impression that Lee Iococa had kicked the bucket, like, ten years ago. Now he's been resurrected from the dead and is appearing in Crysler commercials out the wazoo. My vote for most annoying? Well, all of them, but in particular, the one with his red-haired granddaughter, or actress portraying his granddaughter.

What is the big deal with employee discounts anyway? Just another gimmick? It seems like one company did it and now they're all doing it. Whatever.

I'm taking the munchkin into the office tomorrow for the obligatory Oohing and Aahing by all the old biddies. I'm actually looking forward to it. It certainly beats my usual day, where the highlight is back to back Days of Our Lives and Passions.

Wednesday, August 17

Take my breath away
My grandma called the other night, all in a huff because my dad had showed her the picture of Dom (shown here, below). She was frantic that Dom appeared to be jealous and would get into the baby's crib and smother him.

I assured her that Dom pretty much ignores the baby, and that there was nothing to worry about. She didn't really seem too convinced.

So I think I am going to send her this picture to set her mind at ease.

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I mean, just check out Molly's loving expression. She doesn't look like she's about to suck the breath away from my son, does she?

Oh wait, she does...

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Tuesday, August 9

Splish splash
We had our first bath a couple of nights ago.
Obviously, it was not well received.
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Friday, August 5

Bon voyage
God help me, I think I may attempt to take the baby out by myself in the car. Just through the Mickey D's drive thru. Wish me luck! I'm fixin' to eat some McSomethin'!

P.S. The good thing about being home on maternity leave? I have nothing better to do at the moment (while the baby is sleeping) than to vote for Kaysar.

Also, I'm pretty sure that I will not be getting the live feeds this season. I thought that maybe I'd be able to, but I'm only able to get on to the computer for an hour max per day at the moment, so by the time I answer e-mails, check my blogs, and my other regular sites, there ain't much time for recappin. Ugh. The word recap bugs me now because it's too close to "Cappy."
Vote for Kaysar or else.

Seriously. If Cappy walks through that door next week I don't think I could handle the rest of the season.

Vote early and vote often!

Tuesday, August 2

Tales from the bosom
Today, while I was breastfeeding my son, my boss called. At some point during the conversation it occurred to me that it was kind of funny that I was talking to my boss with my boob hanging out of my shirt. I didn't let him in on the joke, though. I missed the company's annual golf outing yesterday. Incompetent But Likeable usually organizes the event, and all the proceeds go to helping children with terminal illness. Each year, IBL makes a speech at the end, thanking everyone for attending and for their contributions. And he always gets choked up. My boss said that this year it was full-out water works. I'm sorry I missed it. There's nothing like a freaky bald man crying like a little girl. This year, IBL did not injure anyone with a divot, either, which disappoints me.

The doctor visit went well. Dan the Man is already almost 8 pounds! My doctor visit went well, also, I have been given the all-clear for my diabetes, and I am allowed to pretty much do whatever I want now. Yay. Have I mentioned that I have lost almost 20 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight due to the diabetic diet? Kind of a nice side benefit, there!

This evening, my uncle stopped over with my grandma. Now, my grandma is known for saying inappropriate things with the best of intentions. For instance, tonight, I had to leave the room to breastfeed the baby. When I returned, she asked, "Did you feed him?" I said yes. "From the bosom?" Yep.

She also informed me this evening, and this is information I never, never needed or wanted to know or even think about, that she got pregnant with my dad the VERY NIGHT my grandpa got home from the war. When I nervously laughed, she continued, "Well, he had been gone for FIVE YEARS!" Yikes. God bless her.

Anyhow, I should probably be sleeping or something, as the baby is sleeping. Last night he finally gave me a reprieve and slept most of the night. Still waking up every two hours, mind you, but usually going right back to sleep after a feeding and a good burp.

As for everyone's advice about leaving him with one of the grandmas, I will definitely do this as soon as I get a good milk supply. Both grandmas are chomping at the bit for the opportunity for some baby alone time, anyway.

Monday, August 1

Pic of the week
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My life is all baby, all the time.
Good thing he's cute!

Today was a little rough -- he cried all day long and nothing I did would make him stop. Then when he slept I couldn't sleep. We go to the doctor tomorrow, we'll see what she has to say about my little munchkin. It will be a big day, because it will be the first time I'm taking him somewhere in my car. It will also be the first time I've driven in weeks.

Anyhow, it was about two weeks ago at this time that he was getting ready to make his appearance on planet Earth... seems hard to believe. In some ways it seems like time has flown, but on the other hand, I'm measuring my life in hours rather than days right now so time has been dragging.

Please tell me it gets better soon!