Thursday, April 15

Picture this
There are often times where I do work for a person I have never actually met face-to-face, but instead communicate with via phone or e-mail. Because I usually use the person's photo in the things I produce, I know what they look like. But they have no idea what I look like.

It helps at large company functions to know who's who and have them oblivious to your identity. I have the advantage of being able to avoid certain people and also to introduce myself to other people who I have had good dealings with.

Today I was coming back from lunch and I saw Barb*, someone for whom I have recently done some ads but whom I have never met in person. Forgetting that she has no freaking clue who I am, I greeted her by name and gave her a big smile. She nervously said hello and gave me a strange look.

So sometimes, it's a little awkward to finally meet the people who previously have only been a voice on the other end of a phone or a few lines of type on an e-mail message.

*her real name.

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