Thursday, April 1

The Idol Debacle
Who should have been in the bottom 3: Camille, John Stevens, and, as much as I hate to admit it, JPL.

Who was: La Toya (WTF?), Amy, and Jennifer.

Jennifer looked like a beaten puppy dog even before they announced that she was in the bottom three. She looked like she wanted to find a hole in the stage, jump into it, and never be seen again. Girl has no confidence. And it's a shame; she's actually a decent singer. Hey, she made it this far and should be proud!

La Toya definitely didn't deserve to be there. Camille did for sure. Camille's Princess Leia gone horribly, horribly wrong hairdo definitely should have landed her in the bottom 3 just on principle.

After watching Idol, I had a bizarre dream last night that I was one of the contestants. I sang the INXS song "What You Need" (where did THAT come from???). Some other random girl from my high school was also on, she performed "Dancing Queen" by ABBA. But she tanked, and a light from the stage fell on her. Hmm. Ponderous.

Um, yeah.

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