Tuesday, March 13

Rigid Control Freak the Second

We thought we had our hands full with Doodle, y'all. At 2 1/2 to 3, Doodle was, as we described, a "rigid control freak."

Enter Scribble.

This kid will tell you the sky is red if it means he can argue. He'll fight on whether he pooped his pants, as you are changing the offending diaper.

But a few days ago, he took it to a new level. After corralling my hubby and I into the living room to join hands and play "Ring Around the Rosie," the whole operation was called off before we could get to the "pocket full of poseys." Why?

Because we were moving clockwise rather than counterclockwise! Silly us. We were corrected and instructed to circle in the proper direction, and ashes, ashes, we all fell down.