Friday, April 9

Things to be accomplished this holiday weekend
I will eat a chocolate marshmallow egg. That is my favorite Easter candy, evah. Not to be confused with the marshmallow Peep. Seriously, those things taste like ass. (Sorry GT).

I will try not to spend too much at Borders, where I'll be spending a large portion of tomorrow afternoon. My husband's band is having its CD release party there. Naturally, being inside Border's, I'm bound to make a purchase before I leave. Or two. Or ten.

I will go for a walk, even if it's cold. Rain is another story.

I will try and collect all of Dom's basement objects and put them somewhere where he can't find them. So he can find new items to fixate on. Our bedroom looks like a junk heap with all the crap he's brought up and I can't take a step in the dark without trampling over something.

I will sleep late, because I need to. And it would be really nice if Dom would cooperate with me on this. No more 4 a.m. nudges, followed by incessant purring and chirping right in my ear.

I will pay bills because I was just handed my paycheck! Woo hoo!

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