Monday, February 28

Days until major presentation #2: 12
Current blood sugar level: 107
Times visited Pottery Barn Kids online today: 2
Number of items ordered: 1

Due to the impending snowstorm du jour, I have decided to boycott working today. Well, at least for the moment. There are much more exciting things to do, such as reading blogs and looking for baby stuff online.

Plus, I'm not in such a panic state for this presentation as I was for the last one. So even though the clock is ticking, I'm not sweatin' it. The work will get done. Just probably not today.
Snow, it's a-comin'. Nobody knows when, or how much, but it's on its way. Probably by the evening rush.

Nothing aggrivates me more than the weather forecasters when they don't exactly know what's going on, but still have to say something, so they make shit up, and make the storm seem like it's going to be ten million times worse than what it actually turns out to be.

So I could either be driving home through a blizzard or a flurry. Good to know.

In other news, I saw Anchorman last night and was hugely disappointed. I expected it to be stupid and funny. It was just stupid.

Friday, February 25

The results are in...
And I am happy to report that I, and three other people... were right! It's a boy.
Everything appears to be normal, and he had all of his limbs, which was my main concern. Not only that but he was showing off for us, bouncing around like a crazy person the whole time.
New poll
There's a new poll up. This time you're picking your favorite American Idol rocker dude. As with AI, you can stuff the ballot box this time and unfairly skew the results... so rock on.
Big day ahead

So... most of you think it's a girl. Myself and three others think it's a boy. We will find out today during the 4:00 hour! And then, after the flurry of phone calls and mass e-mails, I'll post the answer here.

I'm starting to spaz out.

Wednesday, February 23

A completely hypothetical thing that could have occurred today in my office
Boss: K, have you posted those documents to our web site yet?
K: No, I haven't had a chance to, I have about ten million other things to do [I'm not nice to him anymore, and am blaming it on hormones]
K: *goes to lunch*
Boss: *sends out all-company e-mail saying that the documents have been posted*
Random people in the company: *call boss to ask where the documents are because they can't find them*
K: *returns from lunch*
Boss: (as K is putting her coat away) K, I thought you sent those already.
K: [RAGE RAGE RAGE] No, not yet, I told you that before I left for lunch.
Boss: Oh. I thought maybe you had done them by now.
K: [RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE] I was at lunch!
Boss: Oh. OK. Not a big deal. So when do you think you can do that?
K: *resists urge to go batshit crazy*

Tuesday, February 22

The eagle has landed
Well, don't let me ever say my job is boring. Today's journey brought me to a costume store, where myself and a co-worker both tried on an eagle head. Not the body, just the head. Apparently the body was nowhere to be found. My coworker gets to be the eagle for our meeting in March. Let's just leave it at that. It's too bizarre and too long to explain. But I did want everyone to know that I tried on an eagle head. Had I brought along the digital camera, I would have taken pictures.
I see London, I see France
So I'm in the doctor's office yesterday and I'm on the table, and they've got one of those baby heartbeat monitor things over my stomach. I am supposed to be listening to the "whoosh whoosh whoosh" sound that my baby's heartbeat is making but all I can think about is the fact that I'm wearing hot pink flowered cotton underwear and everyone in the room can see them.

Monday, February 21

So I'm sitting at my desk with my headphones on. I've had them on for maybe ten minutes, after watching that disturbing Numa Numa video on Tuna's blog.

But it occurs to me after ten minutes, I have the headphones on, and I'm still hearing Bad Lady's radio.

And then, even after that thought occurred to me, I kept the headphones on. Sometimes, if people think you're listening to music, they'll leave you alone. Or they'll say stuff they think you can't hear. Either way, I'm golden!

By the way, please vote in the poll if you haven't done so already. Seems that most of you think that I'm having a girl! The polls will close on Friday right before my ultrasound so cast your ballot soon!

Friday, February 18

The day has just taken a turn for the good. We're getting takeout from P.F. Chang's! After the two bites of double pan fried noodles, I'll be at my carb limit for the day, but, you know, whatever.
Survivor Post-Show Analysis
It's too early for me to figure out who I like and who I don't. The women all seem the same to me so far, with the exception of hometown girl Caryn. Gotta root for the local gal. I think I like Coby, because what's not to like about a scheming gay man who isn't afraid to wear a pink shirt around his naughty bits?

About the bootees. Crazy Singing Lady HAD to go. If she had watched previous seasons of Survivor, she might have realized that Crazy Singing Ladies annoy the shit out of people, and they will not make it far in the game. (Well, ok, there was Lil, but did she sing? And crazy Granny Jan, did SHE sing? They both made it kind of far during their respective seasons. So scratch that. I know there was another Crazy Singing Lady in some prior season but maybe I've successfully erased her from memory.)

Jonathan was a cutie, but probably dumb as rocks. Oh well.

Jolanda was a huge target. Sure she was strong physically, but it was her strong personality that was her downfall. Say it with me, Jo -- under ... the ... RADAR!

And poor dumbasses who lost their flint. I hope that they can unearth it from the ocean next week.

Also, my husband has made his prediction for the winner... he picked Chris for the final 2 last season after watching the premiere with me. So this year, he is going with... Ian and Caryn. And Coby as a possible third. We'll see if he's right!

Thursday, February 17

The poll is up. Thanks to Green Tuna, I ganked her poll idea and now you can make your voice heard: will baby Doodle be a boy or a girl?
So you want to know about the Doodster, eh? S/he is making his/her presence known, that's for sure. Within the past week I have started to feel the movement. It's a trip. At first, I thought that I had eaten some bad Taco Bell, but then I remembered, I can't eat that crap anymore.

Due to my dietary restrictions (read: carb crackdown), I have LOST about six pounds in the past 2 1/2 weeks. This has allowed me to continue to get away with wearing non-maternity clothes, much to my co-workers' jealous dismay (ha ha). I still hate walking on the treadmill, but I do it faithfully every night while watching Days of Our Lives.

Next Friday we hopefully will find out if it's a boy or a girl Doodle. I am getting a distinct boy-vibe. Maybe it's because I can belch like Barney on The Simpsons now. Perhaps I'll have a poll and we can all take bets. I'll work on that...

But enough about me. Bad Lady made the receptionist cry yesterday. Apparently she was expecting -- of all things -- a personal call, and went up and told our regular receptionist that even if she was on the other line, to break in and tell her she had a call, but NOT TO SAY WHO IT WAS. We have a new receptionist who comes in during the lunch hour, and she's only been with us for a week. So she was on duty when the fateful call arrived. And naturally, because it's all she does all day, BL was on her phone. New receptionist broke in, and said, "Bad Lady, Dr. Soandso is on the phone."

Now the only people within earshot are me and New Girl #1, and I either wasn't at my desk or didn't hear, nor would I have noticed or cared if I had, and New Girl #1 probably doesn't give two shits about Dr. Soandso, either.

But BL was so incensed that she charged up to the front desk and bitched out the new receptionist about how that was a personal matter that she didn't want broadcast. Which caused the new receptionist to break down into tears. Nice work, BL. Another fine job.

She also had another client complain to my boss about her yesterday, which pissed her off further. She came over to me to whine about it and was incredulous about it. "They complained about me. About ME!" she said to me, gesturing at herself as if she was wearing a "Citizen of the Year" medal. I could barely keep a straight face. Now that I'm sort of in a leadership role, I have to try and be nice to her. It nearly killed me.

I recovered, though.

Tuesday, February 15

V-Day aftermath
We did nothing special for Valentine's Day. I mean, as far as the traditional roses and chocolates and expensive dinners, we did none of that. We did, however, grill out big ass steaks. We ate at our kitchen table with a romantic centerpiece -- a sleeping black and white cat (someone seems to have perpetually allowed Dom to lick the milk out of his cereal bowl in the morning, thus now the cat thinks he can hop up on the table whenever food is being served). After dinner, I watched "Trading Spouses" while my food digested, and then hopped on the treadmill during "24". My husband passed out on the couch due to overconsumption of both steak and wine.

By the way, non-blogger people: comments have been revamped, so y'all can comment your pretty little asses off, if you felt like it.

Monday, February 14

Current blood sugar: 80
Days until presentation #2: 25
Days until ultrasound: 11
Days until Survivor premiere: 3

Well, the worst is over. It was a hectic, stressful couple of days, but I made it. And we put on a great show. I didn't sleep much the night before, and I knew that I had reached a point of utter exhaustion when, during a "dance break" in the show, I found myself bopping my head to the "Macarena" while I watched in horror as people in business suits gyrated on stage.

Now I have another month to put together another show. I feel a lot better about this show because it's in town, and it's in my comfort zone. That doesn't mean I won't be freaking about it, however. Be warned.

Wednesday, February 9

Forgot to mention...
I think I may have neglected to mention that Bad Lady is not going on the trip. She was originally slated to go, and we were all riding together. I owe one of my co-workers BIG TIME for convincing my boss to leave BL behind in favor of bringing one of the new girls so that she could gain the experience of doing one of our shows. Translation: no one wanted BL along for the ride.

So at least that's one positive thing about this trip tomorrow.

By the way, I'm still at work. Waiting for changes. At 6:30. La la la.
Current blood sugar: 98
Days until major presentation #1: 2
Days until major presentation #2: 31
Days until ultrasound: 16
Hours until I leave for Pittsburgh: 24
Sanity left: none

Today could either suck worse than anything has ever sucked before, or it could be easy. Just depends on forces beyond my control. I'm essentially done with the show. But I have a feeling that we'll get a lot of last minute changes today, hence the suckage.

Wish me luck...

Friday, February 4

Go shorty, it's your birthday
Today is IBL's birthday. I got him a card, which he liked, and which I liked too (see my previous post about buying birthday cards). The front said, "If we were monkeys, I'd wish you a five-banana day." And it had some cute monkey drawings on it.

And, in honor of it being his special day, I interrupted my phone conversation after the third time he popped his head into my cube to ask me a stupid question. Any other day, I would have waited until at least the fifth time.

Thursday, February 3

Crimes against humanity
Somehow, some way, Bad Lady has gotten a hold of the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack. And is playing it. Loudly.

Prior to today I had nothing against the Phantom. In fact, I have seen it on Broadway and bawled my eyes out like a baby (this was the famous high school trip where I got a Saturday suspension for smoking a cigarette in my hotel room). But for the love of Andrew Lloyd Webber, I cannot tolerate it coming out of Bad Lady's speakers! I just can't!

I suppose I should be grateful. This certainly is a nice respite from the Pina Colada song, Celine Dion, and every Top 40 hit Lionel Ritchie ever had.

Wednesday, February 2

Current blood sugar: 101
Days until major presentation #1: 9
Days until major presentation #2: 37
Days until ultrasound: 23
Stress level: High

So the best we could do in Cleveland was a mime. (Mime!)
Actually I thought Miracle Boy was good in a Clay Aiken wannabe sort of way.

IBL keeps asking me the same question every day regarding some way-in-the-distance deadline project that hasn't even crossed my radar screen, and this morning I was snippy to him. I feel kind of bad. It still doesn't beat the conference call from yesterday where my boss blew up and told someone on the other end of the phone to "stop dicking around," among other things, which culminated in an abrupt termination of the call (on the other end).


P.S. Eff you, Punxsutawny Phil.

Tuesday, February 1

Current blood sugar: 98
Days until major presentation #1: 10
Days until major presentation #2: 38
Days until ultrasound: 24
Stress level: High

Cleveland American Idol auditions air tonight. You can bet that I'll be watching.

This diabetic diet thing isn't so bad. I've lost about three pounds (not so good in pregnancy, but I could stand to lose the weight!).

If I'm a little scarce on the blog, it's because I'm working on some HUGE presentations for work. Putting in the late hours, and the days are going by in a haze.

I'll be back to normal soon! Hopefully!