Friday, March 31

Well... THAT was awkward
So the CEO big dog of my company took my whole department to dinner last week to celebrate the good year that we had. We go to this nice restaurant, and before dinner, he wants everyone to go to the bar so that he can talk to everyone and mingle and whatnot.

I'm standing with the Big Dog, Bad Lady, and one other female co-worker, when this grizzled old man approaches us with a goofy grin on his face. He holds out a business card which has the numbers 1 through 4 on it. "Pick a number," he says to Bad Lady.

"Three," she says.

He flips the card and it says "All sex maniacs choose 3!"

And then he walks away.

Yeah. Try and recover from that one while you're attemping to schmooze with the CEO of YOUR company!

Tuesday, March 28

Photo op
So how do the cats get along with Doodle? You be the judge...
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Picture of baby? Cute.
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Picture of baby PLUS BUNNIES? Uber Cute.
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Monday, March 27

Reality show clip time
  • Over the weekend I caught up on some of the reruns of Survivor Pearl Islands. I am reminded of how this is the best. season. ever! for several reasons. Sure, you know, Rupert's on there, and who doesn't love the Rupe, and you've got the whole Johnny Fairplay debacle, and the whole Outcast tribe coming back into the game, but it also confirmed in my mind what I already knew, and that is Burton is definitely the biggest hottie ever to play the game.
  • Anyone catch Scott Long (we Hamster Timers know him "fondly" as Peen) on "The Surreal Life"? He was trying out to become the 7th cast member (the spot ultimately went to Maven, a nicely chiseled wrestler from MTV's Tough Enough series). Big Brother enthusiasts will be happy to know that Peen embarrassed himself on television yet again when he showed his rear end, which revealed a HUGE brown stain. Contestants were asked to strip to their skivvies to show off their bods. Guess old Peen should have worn the CLEAN yellow tighties, and maybe he'd be hanging out with Sherman Helmsley and Tawny "I Stiletto'd Chuck Finley" Kitaen.
  • Without Project Runway to watch anymore, I have latched on to "Top Chef." It's not quite as exciting but I see potential.
  • I missed "Unanimous" the other night -- why did it look like they were in the Big Brother house?

Friday, March 24

The clap
Last night Doodle surprised us by performing what some would deem a "stupid baby trick." He clapped his hands on command. I would clap, Doodle would clap. I would clap again, Doodle would clap again. And so on. As you can imagine, there was much applause at our house last night.

Monday, March 20

The chompers!

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I guess it's better than Army vs. Pittsburgh
Was anyone else as amused as I was by this yesterday? My husband just happened to point it out to me while he was watching the NCAA basketball tourney.

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Then again, I'm pretty easily amused.

Wednesday, March 15

Moo Goo WTF?
So I got the weirdest prank phone call EVER on Saturday. At least I think it was a prank phone call. It was a bizarre phone call, regardless.

It went a little something like this:
Me: Hello?
Dude (sounds caucasian, in his 20's or late teens): Uh, is this the Owen residence?
(Owen is my husband's name.)
Me: Sort of... Owen lives here...
Dude: Oh, because this is the Chinese market, and the party that you're having this afternoon in a couple hours? Everything is all set.
Me: Huh?
Dude: You know, the party? 100 egg rolls, 100 sushi...
Me: Nope, not a clue. You must have the wrong number.
Dude: No, no, I've got schezuan beef...
And he KEEPS naming stuff! So I cut him off again.
Me: Who is this again?
Dude: Uh... the Chinese... market... buffet?
Me: And where are you located?
Dude: *dial tone*

WTF? I was waiting for the punch line. How weird is that? I mean, at LEAST ask if my refrigerator is running. Something. Don't leave me hanging like that!

If I had been thinking on my feet (but it was early Saturday morning) I would have played along like, "Oh yeah! THAT party! I thought you were talking about another party at the chinese market buffet!" Or been like, "No, it's 200 egg rolls, dumbass!" But instead I was just stunned at how random this call was. And thinking to myself as it was happening, this is so going in my blog.

Friday, March 10

Full of piss and vinegar
Some of these things I have been thinking of posting, but haven't gotten around to until now, so they may not be timely as I'd like...
  • Project Runway... CHLOE WON?!?!?! I still haven't seen the finale but I saw that she walked away with the top honor. WTF? I love Santino, by the way. Love him. And I love Daniel, too.
  • Crash won best movie at the Oscars? When I saw that, I thought to myself, "Oh, it must be some other movie named Crash, not the crappy, depressing movie called Crash that I saw." But nope, it was the crappy, depressing one.

I am, however, very excited about the Sopranos premiere. I hope it's good -- they take long enough to produce.

Wednesday, March 8

Happy birthday, buddy
Yesterday was my favorite little guy's 4th birthday.
OK, my SECOND favorite little guy.
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Tuesday, March 7

Well, today I did like the hipsters do and I got my own MySpace page. Actually I was cyberstalking people, but that's another story that I won't get into. So I have a profile, here, which if you are on MySpace, feel free to add me as a friend. Right now my only friend is Morrissey (yes, THAT Morrissey), which is actually quite funny to me. If you were in my hotmail address book, and you already had a MySpace page, I added you.

Wednesday, March 1

Shoot me now, my life has been encapsulated in a Dilbert cartoon

And my boss was the one who e-mailed this to me.

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