Monday, April 19

Welcome to the inaugural edition of
Things I Think Are Funny But No One Else Will Because You Weren't There!
Today's edition deals with the topic of Funny Things that Happened While I Was Taking A Test.

1. In large lecture hall, Econ 101 final.
Tests are handed out, and everyone is shuffling the papers, and shifting in their seats. It is the sound of just-before silence. Right when it gets quiet, someone does a perfect, dead-on imitation of Chewbacca that lasts for about 10 seconds. I get the giggles, and I am surrounded by strangers. I have to bite my pencil to be able to continue on without totally losing it.

2. In large classroom, Econ 102 (why did I have to take so many freakin' Econ classes? I am mathmatically stupid.)
We are getting our tests back and the professor is calling us one by one. My friend Ann* and I are plagued by this super annoying guy who always sits with us, Ben*. He is always giving us the "guns," a hand motion in which you turn your hand into a gun and point it at someone while making a clicking noise with your mouth. It's usually accompanied by some kind of phrase like, "Check ya later!" To give you further examples of how annoying this guy was, one day I came to class wearing a sun dress and he said, "Kathy, you're MAKIN'. My mouth. WATA!"

He also smelled of old, stale cigarettes, which is neither here nor there.

He went down to get his test and came back up with an exaggerated swagger. He had to cross both Ann and I to get back to his seat. As he was doing this, and swaggering, he said, "Read it and weep, SUCKAS!" And showed us his test results. Immediately afterward, he tripped over someone's bag and did a full-on face plant into his seat.

Good times.

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