Friday, April 30

Yes, I'll have the burger... without the bun... or the meat...
Today's post is brought to you by the Center for Eye Twitch Research.

I admit, this week, my brain has been operating at minimal capacity. (Insert your cutting insult about my general intelligence here.) So instead of bursting with ideas for posts, I have been struggling with the blogging this week. Big time.

So today I have stolen an idea from someone. That person has a blog that I started reading via Freeepeace, who I started reading via Grace. See how that works? It's like 6 degrees of blog separation. Annnnyway... He wrote today about vegetarians, who personally, I have nothing against. Two of my college roommates were vegans, which is a zealous offshoot of vegetarianism.

I just could never do it. I love meat. Delicious meat. Burgers on the grill, man, you can't beat it. I love chicken. Fried, baked, breaded, grilled, nuggeted, shredded, just not in a can, please. That stuff is heinous.

Plus, I've tasted veggie burgers, and that shit is repellant. I have huge issues with food consistency, and veggie burgers just have a weird consistency. Certain food textures skeeve me out. For instance, tomato skin. Don't ask me why -- but I cannot swallow a raw tomato if the skin is on it. It's physically impossible. I once tried duck and the texture was too much for me to handle. Certain kinds of mushrooms are too slippery. I can't even look at a piece of fish without my gag reflex kicking in.

OK, too much information, I guess. Sorry about that.

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