Wednesday, September 22

Yeah, baby!
So, my day is complete. The Lube Stop man hit on me.
It was partially my fault.
He was showing me the different oil change things and recommended one for my car and I was like, "OK, yeah, go ahead and do that."
And then I added, "I'm easy."


Big eyebrow raise from Lube Stop dude. (Who, by the way, wasn't quite old enough to be my dad, but close.)

"Really." He says, suddenly becoming a LOT more friendly.

"Easy to please," I said, realizing immediately what I had done.

So he goes and does whatever Lube Stop Guys do, and then came back and had me move my car to the other bay, which meant that another waiting car also had to move. This pissed off the other car for some reason and it took off. Lube Stop Guy said something to me like, "Doesn't he know the rule that the pretty girl always gets the right of way?"

Mmm hmm.

So the whole oil change happens, and Lube Stop Guy I think was trying to be cool in front of me. You know when you can tell that people are trying to act cool? That's what this guy was doing. So finally, I'm ready to leave, and Another Lube Stop Guy was making fun of him for not knowing how to use a computer. He comes to tell me, confidentially, that his first wife and second wife always made fun of him for being computer illiterate, too.

I think he wanted to look under my chassis.
*Beavis laugh*

OK, I'm done now.

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John Gamerdinger ( Johnny Newt) said...

MMM, luube Guuuy, So sessy !
You really can't blame a guy for trying, now can ya ?
It is , after all, deeply ingraned in our biological make-up.
I've always wondered if girls get as creeped out as I do when a strange ( as in a stranger ,not a wierdo) man hits on them. Givin that i'm not gay , a stranger wouldn't know that and I shouldn't get to shook-up about it, but man, it really does freak me out sometimes. If thats the same experience for women, i'm never hitting on another girl again.( That's Hitting as in making a pass, not as in a physical beating,... never know when I have to open a can of whoop-ass on some nitwit at the mall!))