Friday, September 24

Back From Maternity Leave has been sick (the woman is ALWAYS sick -- I guess from all the germs her kids bring home from daycare) and now I'b starting to feel a libttle stubffed ubp. Damn her. At least I have my -- scream it with me folks -- Reeeeeeeeeeee co laaaaaaaaa! It will get me through.

We're going to see some band tomorrow night -- Yo La Tengo. My husband likes them but I have Yo La Never Heard of Them.

It will be a little weird for me -- the show is at a place that used to be my coffee shop hangout when I was a bad-ass Catholic high school girl.

I would comment on last night's "Survivor" but I think all I need to say is someone named Dolly who is a sheep farmer kind of writes her own punchlines, don't you think?

Back to newsletter hell for me.

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John Gamerdinger ( Johnny Newt) said...

Yeah, I made that dolly comment to my wife last night and she didn't get It !
I thought well she not that big on science or Genetic research, than later on they were talking with awoman who was held hostage with her children by the Chechnyan rebels in that Russian school building, and she didn't know anything about that either, Jesus i can't beeeelieeve what a total dumbass she is. I swear if peoples brains were like automobiles she would have like a friggin' dodge omni up there , bangin' on all 3 cylinders. Kat your going to be my next wife.