Friday, September 24

Oh, Sinead. If you want us to stop making fun of you, then stop doing things that would cause you to be made fun of. It's that simple. And drawing attention to the fact that people ridicule you is only going to make it worse.


GreenTuna said...

Wow! Where does one begin with this article? I think my MOST favorite part is "National Stamp Out Head Lice" day. I want to do the Ad campaign!! I want a picture of some moppet's curly-headed melon laying on the ground and a large boot poised on top. That will show them! Ah Sinead. I will always carry fond memories of Little Brother Tuna and myself singing Happy Birthday ala Sinead:
Happy Birthday....(pause. pause. pause. Whiny Sinead Voice: TO YOU!)

John Gamerdinger ( Johnny Newt) said...

Oh, i love you Sinead, you bald headed loon!!
I've always loved those who are not afraid to be themselves no matter what,
but Sinead does it just out of spite i think.