Wednesday, September 1

Strange conditions
Anyone catch the score of the Indians/Yankees game last night?
Usually we are on the zero side of these drubbings, but this time, not only did we shut out the Yanks, but we gave them their worst loss ever in Yankee stadium.

To every arrogant Yanks fan that was in Jacobs Field last week:
Nyah nyah nyah boo boo.
From me to you.


John Gamerdinger ( Johnny Newt) said...

Yeah, thats right Kat, say it LOUD and say it PROUD!!!!
Those stinking, godless, goat loving Yankees are one of the Apocalyptic plaques almighty God vowed to reign down apon the earth, er.., maybe that's the friggin' Indians,
yeah that was it ,they suck total as.....wait ,wait, i remember now ,I totally hate baseball altogether, never mind, my bad.

Anonymous said...

Johnny sounds like he might have once been in love with you... Now he finally has a vehicle to express all the spite and anger of his rejected soul.

That win is amazing. It's all I could talk about last nite. OHio rocks.


Anonymous said...
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Kat said...

*braces self*

Kat said...

P.S. The "blog administrator" was me... there was a double post.