Thursday, September 9

Donald redux
Let me preface all of this by saying that no matter what, I'll end up watching it...


Is anyone other than myself looking forward to the day when The Apprentice is cancelled? Already the Donald is everywhere again, talking about how great his show is, how he wanted "Friends Money" to do a second season, how all others have now created copycat shows (see Mark Cuban's "The Benefactor"), etc.?

Not only that, but this entire time between Apprentice l'original and Apprentice part deux, he has somehow commandeered my local radio station (read: a Clear Channel minion) into playing TWO spots per morning of his "Real Deal," where he spouts off random opinions on everything from how great his show was to how great his show is going to be to Britney Spears' upcoming nuptials to how his marriage to Melania whatever the hell her last name is will be everlasting, blah blah all about me cakes.

Like anyone cares.

It would be hard to have this new season be better than, or even as good as, the first season. Who will fill the shoes of the nefarious Omarosa? The sniveling Sam? The amiable Amy? The kvetching Kwame? (OK, I have no idea what that word means either.) The... oh hell, I can't remember anyone else's name from the show, you get my point. The success of the show wasn't about The Donald. They could have replaced his presence in the board room with Ronald McDonald and it still would have had the same results.

So we'll see. Will the Apprentice 2: Apprentices Take Manhattan live up to the hype? Will The Donald continue to toot his own horn ad nauseum? Will he ever fix that damn dead raccoon on top of his head? Time will tell.


Kat said...

P.S. One week til Survivor!

John Gamerdinger ( Johnny Newt) said...

I just don't get it,...... lets look at 2 things here,
#1. The man has stomach turning, crap loads of money to slap around.
#2. He is as vain and self centered as they come. Rich ,obnoxious, overbearing, snobs just can't get anymore narcissistic than Donald Trump,
taking these into consideration why in the frigging mother of our good sweet lord, doesn't he GET HIS HAIR FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never been one to judge others on there mere physical appearance, but Oh GOOD GOD MAN, there is just no excuse as to why we all have to be subjected to that disgusting flap of hair brush scrap.
Please, Please Dear Lord, won't somebody do something!!!!!!!