Monday, September 27

Mmmmmmm. Bop?
Well, the show we went to was uber weird. The crowd was comprised entirely of hipsters, and I felt like any minute the hipster police were going to come ask my husband and I for our Hipster I.D. cards and we would be exposed as frauds asked to leave. The music was ok, but it seemed like the band didn't really care whether the audience enjoyed it or not, they were just in their own little world. We didn't stay for the whole show.

There was a man outside with some marionette puppets (inside joke: he reminded me of the Minister of Goth -- a slightly disturbed OU student who used to give similar street performances). He wasn't really doing anything with them per se, and he had a large boombox blasting the first Pearl Jam album ("Evenflow" was on as we walked past). He would just kind of play with the puppet for a second and then he would sit -- or lay -- down on a towel he had spread out for himself. I think he wanted donations for this bit of street "entertainment," but as I had used all fifteen quarters on the parking meter, I had no mas to give him.

There was also a huge contingent of twentysomethings gathered outside the venue wearing Lyndon Larouche t-shirts and signing people up to vote. Which was fine -- until they broke into song. Complete with different harmonies, etc. Like they had sopranos, tenors -- the whole nine yards. I couldn't hear the lyrics but it was bizarre how they gathered and began to sing. Although compared to puppet man it felt normal.

On a side note, I drove in to work this morning and my local radio station was playing the song "Mmmmmbop" by the brothers Hanson. Being a fan of all cheesy music, I forced myself to listen to it. What amused me, that I had forgotten about the song, it toward the end they actually have the sound of a record scratching. Like Hanson had a DJ who decided to break it down and get funky with it. *snort*

Didn't one of them die of a heroin overdose yet? No?
How about now?

How about now?

How about now???

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John Gamerdinger ( Johnny Newt) said...

great post Kat, It started my monday off with a mmmmmmmBop!