Friday, September 17

A very Mark Burnett Thursday
Survivor: Vanuatu premiered last night, and was a bit meh for my tastes. I had to cover my eyes during the pig slaughter as I expected I would have to. This is the first season where I don't know everyone's name, I don't have my fantasy team ready to go, and I haven't read up on all the spoilers. All I know as far as names go is Brook and Rory, and they're both guys. Actually Brook, well, so sorry pal.

Then I switched over to The Apprentice. Omarosa -- I mean, Stacey -- quickly got on my nerves. And bowtie guy, who last week I thought sounded like Gilbert Godfried, actually kind of grew on me. That dude who gave up his exemption -- whoops! Bet you feel like a chump now! See ya, wouldn't want to be ya.


GreenTuna said...

I must be honest and admit that I actually gasped out loud when the Apprentice got fired. I thought it was one of the few times something happened on Reality TV that really, really surprised me. And yeah. HOMER.

John Gamerdinger ( Johnny Newt) said...

I really can't understand why anyone would subject themself to that steaming pile of camel foam, "the Apprentice", it reeks like sewege from a chinese prison.
Please if everyone would stop gawking at this shit, I would no longer have to have the image of Donald,I'm a pompous crap head ,Trump burned into my eyes.
The new Survivor Cast seems a little lame. Especially the men they all seem a little to much the same age or something, not sure it just looks like a dull bunch.
Oh yeah Kat, you watch too much T.V if you were my women you would be too busy, begging me for my love magic ,along with a good spanking, to watch T.V
Just kiding don't get all excited.