Tuesday, September 21

Ho hum
I just spent about 45 minutes scanning photos. Very monotonous work. If you'd even call it work. Lift the lid. Put a photo on the glass. Hit 'scan'. Wait for it to make all of its little whirring and beeping noises. Hit 'save' and think of a clever name to call it. Whirr and beep again. Take photo off glass and put a new one on. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Word of advice: never let a person like me be in charge of what photos will be put in the company newsletter. I will go for the embarrassment factor every time. If you look like an ass, you're going on the front page.

My work-related rant of the day is: don't clip your fingernails at work. I mean, if you break a nail and have to clip it, then fine. But don't sit there hunched over the trash can, and clip every single finger nail. Wait until you get home! Really, it can wait a few hours. I won't say who is guilty of doing this because he signs my paychecks.


John Gamerdinger ( Johnny Newt) said...

good post Kat, loved the "put you on the cover comment"
you could do a center fold of boss man clipping his fingernails
or a centerfold good-bye tribute to all the fond memories of "IDA"
hey, someone else who's blog I visit often told me i was a troll and a wierdo,do you think so Kat? i mean don't i make witty and entertaining comments?
I think I've been r5elatively respectfull,i mean this is the internet , I'm not alowed
to speak my mind?

Kat said...

Actually, your comments crack me up, Johnny.

Anonymous said...

thanks Kat, that was sweet, now shut -up aren't you smart enough to see am a total ass! "Geesh" what do i have to do? No really your sweet , thanks.