Thursday, September 30

I haven't had much time for blogging in the past couple of days, due to a huge presentation being thrown at me that had to be completed yesterday. We are presenting it tomorrow morning to all of management, and then throughout October, going on-site to our offices to present to the rest of the employees. It's a brand new program that we are offering our clients, so everyone needs to be schooled on it, etc.

I have a Fabulous! New! Haircut! I changed stylists and I have "product" in my hair as we speak. It's a big change from my "wake up, brush it, spray it and go" hairstyle that I've had most of my life. I actually have to work on it in the morning or else it looks like a big scary rat's nest. It garnered a lot of good reaction yesterday when I debuted it at the office.

I stopped at the Circle K this morning (we just got Circle K in our area and I always say to myself whenever I go there, "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K!" which is a quote from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure). Anyway, I bought a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts for a co-worker's b-day, and got one of those huge-ass cups of that fake cappuccino stuff from the machine, and I am WIRED. I'm shaky, and my head hurts, but I am a whirlwind of activity this morning. Hope it wears off soon and I can go back into my zombified stupor that everyone is accustomed to.

And, I thought I'd mention, that today marks the one-year anniversary of The Sketch Factor. I was going to go through my archives and note some memorable moments in my blog history, but I started to do that and lost interest. But thank you to everyone who has paid me a visit, left comments, or just lurked (I know you're out there, thanks to Site Meter). I greatly appreciate it. [ /mushy part ]

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