Tuesday, September 7

Shame, shame, I know your name
I am embarrassed to admit this. When has that ever stopped me before?
Yesterday, I'm killing time, waiting for my husband to get back from the store so we can go to his parents' for a cookout. So I'm flipping through the channels. Jerry Springer held my interest for about 30 seconds until I just couldn't take it. So I surfed on over to.......

..... the Jerry Lewis telethon.

And the performer was Carrot Top.

And I watched it.

You know, I never realized that Carrot Top actually is built. At least in the upper arms. He is still the most unattractive man on earth, don't get me wrong, but I always thought he was a scrawny, awkward little man. Turns out he's a muscular, awkward little man.

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