Monday, September 20

Not sure what to make of this
The downstairs receptionist, who still calls me "KK" even though my initials have been "KJ" for over a year, just referred to me as "Dawson's Creek". As in, my husband and I are a "Dawson's Creek couple."

Having never watched this show I have no idea what that means and whether it's good or bad.

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John Gamerdinger ( Johnny Newt) said...

i'm not sur either KK. but I would go ahead and kill her with a sharpened stick just to be sure. even if she really ment well she shouldn't have been so stupid as to say something like that without knowing how you might take it.
Plus she is enough of a freak to call you buy your initials without being sure what they are!!!! Jab her eyes out first just so she knows your pissed!!!