Friday, September 17

Inappropriately-Dressed Admin has left the building. For good. I don't know whether to do the running man or the cabbage patch, so I'll do both.

Her last outfit was a short khaki skirt, too-tight pink top, and pink and brown tennis shoes with no socks. And her hair was in pigtails.

I went over to a co-worker after she left (without saying goodbye, btw) and then Kindly Old Granny Admin came over and said, "I didn't know that [IDA's] last day was today!"

We both nodded solemnly, trying not to grin too much.

"Boy," KOGA said. "She really worked hard every minute of the day that she was here!"

Um, yeah. If you call bidding on e-Bay merchandise working hard, then, yes, absolutely she did.

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Mensch71 said...

Today's Muffin's last day too! She's almost out the door and I'm singing "Hallelujah!". Have a great weekend. :)