Friday, September 10

Posting for posting's sake
So I didn't end up watching "The Apprentice" last night. I watched maybe the first few minutes, and there was some contestant who sounded like Gilbert Gottfried, and I decided it was high time to find something else to do.

Good things about today:
1. Paychecks
2. Relatively calm at work
3. Going to my favorite Chinese restaurant tonight


John Gamerdinger ( Johnny Newt) said...

Hey, Kats whats your favorite Chinese Dish (Insert some chinese sounding profanity) ? or maybee it's ( Insert another Chinese stupid chinese sounding Malapropism , I know, I know go ahead and look it up! )
No seriously is your favorite really "Cream of sumyung guy"? or " Yu Fu King "
See what you did ! Now you got me started!! God, I'm such a dumb-ass.
i'm very sorry it won't happen again,
No, Really is it " Hung way Lo "
Oh. sweet lord I'm outta control , please don't listen , , look away Jerry I'm hidious!!
No, Really is it...........................

Kat said...

How about "Sum Dim Ho?"
*tries to think of a better one than that and is ashamed*

John Gamerdinger ( Johnny Newt) said...

Yeah, I know I ran out of em, pretty fast too.
"Sum Dum Ho" is not bad though.

John Gamerdinger ( Johnny Newt) said...
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