Wednesday, September 22

And now, a few words about the Big Brother finale
The right person won. I mean, the right person out of the two who were left. I was really really worried for a second that Cowboy would win and the world would spontaneously combust at the utter wrongness of that outcome. But Drew won, and he was "pumped" and it was "awesome" for him. Dude. Right. On.

We were subjected to Jase spewing his bittercakes, of course. Hasn't he gotten over this yet? Also, Jase, didn't you get the memo? Men do not wear makeup. Seriously. I've been to KISS concerts where the men didn't have as much makeup on. I have seen drag queens wearing less makeup. (OK, I've never actually been to a KISS concert, but you get the point, right?)

In completely related news, the right team also won on Amazing Race. And the best part of that finale was that Alison didn't get much camera time.

In completely unrelated news, I just spent an extra 45 minutes stuck in traffic and couldn't see any reason for it -- no accidents, just a bunch of extra morons on the road today I guess. Grr!

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