Wednesday, March 17

Stupidity of the day: now official
The day is young, but so far, this is the winner.

Our caller needs changes to an ad by Friday. The ad was done by the vacationing Bad Lady (#^@&*@@#$&#) and so I said as long as the changes were minor, I could get it done for him.

"And what are the changes?"
"I don't know yet," he tells me.


Well, it might be a good thing to find out.

Update: this guy definitely wins. He has been nothing but a pain in the ass all day. I made his changes, but then he wanted some words in bold. So I did that. Then he decided, let's make those bold AND italic. Like so. So then he didn't like the way I had broken up the lines of type. Fixed that. By the fourth revision he was a happy camper. And I was cursing his name.

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