Monday, March 8

D-Day... over and out
What a long 24 hours it's been! Yesterday I was getting ready to leave to stay downtown, meet my coworkers for dinner, and do a last runthrough of the show. After a long dinner, and what seemed like an eternity of assembly-line style dismantling of lapel pins, then remantling them without the cardboard backing, for a giveaway, we all turned in around midnight.

Then for the next six hours I lay in bed, going over all possible scenarios for the meeting. What did I forget? Was there any possiblity that I brought a less-than-current CD of my files? No sleep. Not a wink.

I popped out of bed at six and was surprisingly awake. It's amazing what pure adrenaline will do to you.

At nine thirty the meeting began, and within the first ten minutes, my worries were over. My two opening segments went over well, without a hitch, and even got some applause during the segment (like it was an ice-skating number and I'd performed a triple axel). The rest of the meeting went smoothly. Except for an unexpected man dressed in a bird outfit, but maybe when I've had some sleep, I'll realize that he was actually a figment of my imagination.

Or was he?

Anyway, it's over. My boss took all the credit. Bad Lady only screwed up twice.

All in all, a pretty good day.

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