Monday, March 15

Chappelle's Show
We stumbled upon this show Saturday night while flipping the channels. And oh my God did we laugh. This is a sketch comedy-type show, and like most sketch comedy, the laughs are hit or miss. But when they hit, they hit big. We got sucked in with an episode centered around Eddie Murphy's brother Charlie, who is a writer for Chappelle's show. I guess they do a recurring sketch of "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories." I don't know if these were true or not, but the one we saw was too funny and bizarre to not have some truth to it. It dealt with Charlie's run-ins with soul legend Rick James. They did re-enactments of the stories, and so Dave Chappelle played Rick James, with the beaded braids and everything. And he kept saying, "Enjoy yourselves, bitches, I'm Rick James!"

Probably not funny to those who haven't seen it. Anyway, if you happen to be cruising past Comedy Central and see Chappelle's Show, it might be worth watching.

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