Wednesday, March 31

So last night I was supposed to get a *free* facial. Didn't happen. The facial person (what do you call them, a facialist?) called in sick and I think the free promotion was only in March, so no free facial for me. That's the only way I was going to do it, too. So I was bummed. I was looking forward to that little bit of pampering.

Instead, we took my husband's car to the dealership for the fourth time in three weeks for the check engine light. I'm beginning to smell a distinctly citrus scent around that car... I mean, it's a '98, so it's bound to have problems, but this is out of hand. His '86 Astro Van doesn't have this much wrong with it. At least all the check engine crap is under warranty right now, so it's not costing us a penny... yet. Which is good, because we do not have a spare penny to speak of.

We ended up going out to eat at Bennigan's, which was fun. Their chicken strips are really good. And the next day, they are even better. You get such a huge portion there that I always have three to take home, and so those are my lunch today.

I missed the beginning of AI, and so can't comment on JPL, LaToya, and whoever else I missed, but I did see poor John Stevens' horrible rendition of "My Girl." He's a cute little guy but he's not cut out for the pop star thing. I am over Fantasia. She thinks too highly of herself and it's not endearing, whatsoever. George keeps getting better each week, and has a legitimate shot, I think. I thought Diana wasn't that great but the judges disagreed... Amy Adams is also pretty decent. Jasmine is cute but I don't know if she'll make it to the end.

And the Cavs continue on their downward spiral. Goodbye playoffs. Hey, we're used to this in Cleveland! Oh look, is it baseball season? Maybe the Indians will surprise everyone and have a good year! *fastens heart to sleeve*

I probably have more to gripe about but I'll save it for later. Ooh! I have pictures too! Finally! From ages ago! I'll have to wait until the scanner is unoccupied...

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